Halifax Has Offered Employment To At Least Some NYT Regional Staffers

As promised, Halifax Media Holdings has decided which staffers at the New York Times Regional Media Group it is going to keep on as it acquires those 16 papers.

At least one office is sticking around. According to a tipster who wrote in to The Atlantic Wire, the Times company sent out this email earlier today:

Dear Regional Media Group Colleague,
On Tuesday, Dec. 27, you received an announcement from Michael that the Regional Media Group is being sold to Halifax Media Holdings LLC. We are pleased to inform you that Halifax has informed us that they will be offering you employment.
We are alerting you via e-mail as many people are out of the office due to the holidays and we wanted to be certain that you received this information quickly.
Should you have any questions, please speak with your publisher.

According to the tipster, “Everyone in my office has gotten one confirming their continued employment. In the 20 minutes or so since I received the email, I have not heard of anyone who hasn’t received one in the business or news side of the paper.”

All other information (salary, benefits, what happens to those, if any, who didn’t get the email) is still TK. But hey—this is great news.