Halfbrick preps to bring Band Stars to mobile this year

Image via Halfbrick

Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick has announced plans to fund and publish Band Stars, an upcoming mobile game from fellow Australian developer Six Foot Kid. The game challenges players to form a band using a variety of “colorful” characters, and then push that band to the level of superstardom by releasing new songs, hiring additional band members, building a fan base and more.

As players record songs, they’re challenged with combining the right genres of lyrics and music. A dance song would go best with a “partying” lyrical theme, for instance. Band members each come with their own stats, including Melody, Rhythm and Creativity, and each of these contributes to the overall quality of the song.

Players can choose which band members write the lyrics, and can then assign band members to individual instruments by comparing their stats. When a song is released, it climbs the charts and players have a chance of unlocking new lyrical or genre options for their next songs.

Band Stars is monetized via the use of energy and multiple currencies, which can be used to purchase furniture for the recording studio, or record more songs in a single gameplay session.

Band Stars was originally released as a browser game on Google+ Games and Google’s Chrome Store in 2012, but both versions are now unavailable. You can check out our original review of the game here.

Band Stars has been in development for the past year, and will launch worldwide later this year. iOS gamers with access to a Canadian or Australian iTunes account, however, can download the game for free right now. Check back soon to follow Band Heroes on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.