Half Dozen Google Wave iPhone Apps Gets Group Average Rating of 2.17 Stars

I use and like a number of Google services (as well as its Google Android phone platform). However, one service I could never quite figure out is…

Google Wave

…which was introduced during the Spring of 2009 and became widely available during the Fall of 2009. It was touted as the next step up from email. I tried it with a couple of friends. But, we never did seem to find a anything particularly interesting or useful to do with it and we eventually lost interest and stopped playing with it.

One of my theories was that it would be more interesting if it had a good mobile web view or a mobile app. Nothing was available when I last looked for Google Wave iPhone apps last Fall. However, there now appear to be a couple of apps in the iTunes App Store. Unfortunately, as you can see from the list below, none of the apps are highly rated by reviewers with the 6 apps getting an average rating of 2.17 stars (out 5) and no app getting an average review higher than 3 stars.

2 stars: G Wave With Push 99 cents

2.5 stars: Waveboard $1.99

3 stars: QuickBrowse – The Social Web Browser 99 cents

2 stars: Google Wave Client 99 cents

1.5 stars Wave Me Free

2 stars: iWavePushy Free

Could the Google Wave service itself be a factor in the low to medium average ratings?