More Than Half of Adults Online Use Two or More Social Networks

According to the latest Pew survey, Facebook growth is flat, but there are more Facebook users, using other social networks as well.


It’s no surprise that Facebook is the most popular social network. In fact, among the 81 percent of American adults online, 71 percent use Facebook. While Facebook continues to dominate, the Pew report indicates that the network’s growth has slowed as the number of adults using other networks has increased.

% of online adults who use the following social media websites, by year
The number of adults who use Facebook hasn’t changed since the last survey in 2013. However, daily users has gone from 63 percent to 70 percent. Nearly half of Facebook’s users visit the site more than once a day.

According to the report, other networks have seen a decrease in daily active users. Indeed, only 36 percent of Twitter users visit the site daily, down 10 percent. While the total number of LinkedIn users has increased, only 13 percent use the site daily, and the number of users who reported visiting the site weekly or less increased.

Multiplatform use is also on the rise, according to the report. More than half of those surveyed said they used two or more social networks. Facebook remains the most popular site for people using only one network; however, the report indicates that more people who use Facebook are also using other networks.

More people use multiple social media sites
For instance, 19 percent of adults online use Twitter, 91 percent of which also use Facebook. LinkedIn represents 23 percent of adult internet users, and 86 percent also use Facebook. There also seems to be a significant overlap between Twitter and Instagram, with nearly 58 percent of Twitter users on Instagram and 52 percent of Instagramers using Twitter.

Check out the full report for demographic data and more information on the frequency of social media use.

Featured image courtesy: Tanja Scherm

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