Hairy Prospects


US News and World Report‘s Paul Bedard reports that former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan who’s book What’s Possible debuts this week, got her job at CNN because she got a hair cut.

“Cut your hair. You’ll be shocked how fast you get a job,” Kagan recalls Sage telling her. Naturally, Kagan snapped back. “A haircut? Lady, I went to Stanford, I’ve won Emmy awards, I’m working seven days a week, and you’re telling me it’s a haircut?” So Kagan threw the dice and had her curls cut into a pixie. “Two weeks later, CNN hired me as a sports anchor,” she penned. “Talk about dreams coming true.”

Yes, with the rumor mill packed full of cronyism, nepotism and sexual favors for some reason we note this one because it carries with it the message that if you make yourself look like a cable news clone – you get a job being one. And that’s a feel good message everyone can get on board with.