Hairy Analogy

Color me confused…

After reading this passage in Al Kamen’s Monday “In The Loop” column, …(emphasis added at end)

    “But you don’t have to worry about any recognition going to my head,” she assured the crowd. “I was on a little commuter plane in California not too long ago,” [Karen Hughes] noted, “and the pilot . . . [of] this very, very small airplane, came back, and he was so excited when he saw me, and he said ‘I’m so glad to see you.’ He said ‘I never thought I’d have Madeleine Albright on my airplane!’ ” The crowd laughed. The former secretary of state is much shorter.

    She recounted her “all-time favorite recognition story,” which occurred on a Caribbean cruise earlier this year on the ship’s elevator.

    “Two kind of elderly ladies got on the elevator, and one of them looked at me, and then she looked away. And then she looked at me and stared, and she elbowed her friend in the ribs. And in a loud stage whisper she said ‘ Condi Rice is on this elevator!’ That one brought the house down. ‘Condi loves that story,’ ” Hughes said. The secretary of state has darker hair.

…we had to wonder: Was Kamen playing his P.C. cards close to his chest by choosing to cite Condi’s (an African-American) darker hair as the most obvious distinction between her and Karen Hughes(who’s white)?