Australian Magazine Flushes Out Cheeky Hailey Baldwin Cover

She's not actually going to the bathroom

On this March Friday, many more people are becoming aware of a glossy publication in Australia that goes by the name InPrint. All thanks to Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram of one of her two covers for Issue #4.

The fact that Baldwin is sitting on top of the toilet lid is meant to convey that this was strictly a staged bathroom break. InPrint founder and editor Megha Kapoor, who styled the shoot, explains her thinking to Mashable:

“The story is about intimate moments with Hailey and her letting her guard down–she has a great sense of humor and this was an image I loved aesthetically and even more as it’s a bit tongue and cheek,” Kapoor said. “If anything it’s more of a comment about her always being on the phone rather than on the loo!”

“It’s funny what people focus on!” she added.

Speaking of funny, U.K. tabloid The Sun is out of the gate with the best headline wordplay so far, stating that the 20-year-old model is “Loo-king Sexy.” Baldwin’s second InPrint cover sits at the opposite end of both the experiential and clothing scale. It involves a turtleneck.