‘Glorious’ Fashion Magazine for Orthodox Jewish Women Puts Third Issue to Bed

The glorious in the headline is in-quotes because that’s what the “Hadar” in Hadar magazine means in English.

HadarMagazineLogoPer a very intriguing piece over the weekend by JNS.org wire service contributor Mayaan Jaffe, the publication launched last year and will publish its third issue right after Purim, which begins March 15. The newsstand price for the magazine goes against the trend for this type of infrequent glossy offering; it’s set at a very affordable $3.99. From Jaffe’s piece:

“I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” says Bari Weizman, owner and content director of Hadar, who explains that her magazine embodies the essence of the modest Jewish woman while exploring her desire to remain current and fashionable.

The idea came to Weizman one Shabbat when she was schmoozing with her sister about how all the little girls in their hometown of Monsey were wearing the same headbands with big, poufy bows, and the women were dressed in the same black boots on their walk to shul.

The magazine’s fashion editor, Jessica Gugenheim, previously worked at the retail chain Anthropologie. And here’s the real kicker: Instead of using fashion models for each issue’s photo layouts, Hadar relies on “religious friends.” Read the rest of the JNS piece here.