Hacks and Flacks Take II

Journos around town are being invited to Top of the Hill on Capitol Hill tonight for a “Hacks and Flacks” happy hour hosted by three organizers:

1. Brad Bauman – Sunlight Foundation, communications manager

2. Ryan Rudominer – DCCC, national press secretary

3. Erikka Knuti – Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), communications director

The first Hacks and Flacks hosted by this trio was held last month. Remarked one attendee: “All three Democratic campaign committees had heavy hitters at this event last month including Hari Sevugan from the DNC and scores of political and hill reporters.”

The more the merrier.

Asked if this is invitation only, an organizer remarked, “Absolutely, any journo who wants to come, can.”