Hackers Crack Kindle DRM


The holidays seem to be freeing up lots of time in eReader hackers’ schedules. After one group cracked the Nook, another has cracked the DRM on the Kindle, enabling them to extract the text and put it into a PDF that can be read on other devices, according to reports from Boy Genious Report and CrunchGear.

CrunchGear also reports that it took the hackers “only nine days.” Is that quick in hacker-time? And Boy Genius goes into some details about the challenge the leader of this particular hack posted to a hacker bulletin board in order to solicit help from others in the hacker community. Both sites also discourage stealing eBooks–here here!

BGR also notes that this is not the first time Kindle has been hacked–there was an earlier instance a year ago. But obviously, this kind of activity is the consequence of a bunch of cool eReaders hitting the market and becoming the gadget du jour. The Israeli hacker behind this particular hack said that even if Amazon updates the software to keep him and his brethren out, he’ll crack it again. Wasn’t it easier, Amazon, when you just sold books made of paper.