Double Hacked: Sam Rubin Had a Fun Weekend

Take a peek at the tweet to the right. You don’t have to live in Los Angeles and be familiar with Sam Rubin’s work to realize his twitter account was hacked, right? Especially after Rubin explicitly stated that his account had been hacked. Right?

Apparently not.

Gawker’s Louis Peitzman took a look at Rubin’s Twitter feed and decided something darker and more insidious inside Rubin’s soul was actually behind the tweet.

[T]his still doesn’t add up.

While the “fake ass nigga” tweet has been deleted, the “biggest boo boo of the year” tweet remains. Was that also posted by the alleged hacker, in which case Rubin simply forgot to delete it? Or is he, in fact, taking responsibility for it?

If Rubin did tweet that he would explain his “biggest boo boo of the year,” that seems to be acknowledging some culpability. This was his own mistake, and not the work of a malicious third party.

Peitzman’s “boo boo” reference is to another of Rubin’s tweets. We’d explain, but it won’t really make any more sense. Basically, Peitzman must have been looking to stir up shit. Because was certainly no Sherlock Holmes on this one.

We’ll let Rubin tell you what happened:

Sometime after my tweet, timestamp 8:12 pm, my account was hacked, and what can best be deemed as as a derogatory and racist slur was sent from my account about someone named The Real Yung Berg. Two stone facts, I do not, nor have I ever, used racist language in my broadcasts, my writings or my tweets; and I do not know who The Real Yung Berg is. Peitzman could have easily checked any of my earlier tweets, he only seemed to look at the one I sent out before the hacked tweet, and that tweet, help play into his theory of what had happened.

As much as I would like to check my twitter account 24/7, I don’t; so it was only after I drove home from the screening that I saw several messages expressing shock and more about the offensive tweet. Special thanks to follower Jim Dang @dangjim who tweeted me and told me exactly what to do. Change my password and delete the offensive tweet.

Finally, I sent out an apology tweet. Lazy Louis Peitzman said this was just part of the typical arc of high profile people who sent out offensive tweets. NO, you pointless putz; I apologized because I clearly felt badly that any kind of racist statement would be associated with me; and that anyone would actually think I had done something like this.

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