Hachette Introduces Internal Social Network That Someone Already Hates

Hachette Filipacchi Media has launched an internal social network for staffers in an attempt to facilitate networking and communication among its many, far-flung employees. Not everyone at Hachette, however, is excited about the yet-unnamed social network.

One disgruntled Hacheteer told The Observer that “the idiocy is mind-blowing. As if we need more distractions during our workday. Good lord.” Fortunately for that particular staffer, subscribing to the social network remains voluntary.

According to an email sent out to Hachette employees, the company views the network as an experiment of sorts and, adding that failure would be viewed as a means of “moving forward” rather than a loss. So. That’s encouraging.

Does this mean sending co-workers links to hipsterpuppies.tumblr.com via gChat is not an adequate means of bonding?