Haaretz Labels Trump ‘al-Baghdadi’s Useful Idiot’

Op-ed by U.S. editor Chemi Shalev slams the Republican candidate.

Haaretz_TrumpResponding to Donald Trump’s latest campaign pronouncement, Haaretz U.S. editor Chemi Shalev is telling readers in Israel this morning that the Republican candidate’s efforts are destined to please the leader of ISIS. The New York-based journalist argues in an op-ed that Trump is proving himself to be “al-Baghdadi’s Useful Idiot:”

But most of all, Trump must have delighted the Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He wants Americans to fear and loath Islam and the Muslims, friend or foe. He prays that his three million co-religionists in the U.S., most of whom probably detest him and his monstrosities, will be denigrated and isolated and even physically attacked, if possible. He would like nothing better than to turn all Americans into the kind of chauvinistic mob that whooped and cheered on Monday night as Trump gave voice to their darkest inner urges…

The whole world is watching. In the next few days, in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, people will gauge how America reacts, whether it spews out Trump’s hateful message or simply makes do with feeble condemnations as he goes from strength to strength. No one will be following as closely as al-Baghdadi and his cohorts, who are probably just as surprised as America’s supporters and well-wishers how quickly and thoroughly the land of the free and the home of the brave seemed to succumb to its prejudices and fear.

Haaretz, founded in 1918, is Israel’s oldest daily newspaper. Overseas, the English-language print edition is bundled with The International New York Times.