Gwyneth Paltrow Takes ‘Food Stamp Challenge,’ Gets Smacked on Social

No one on Twitter cares what Gwyneth has to say.

gwynethGwyneth Paltrow is among the beautiful people that even TMZ loves to hate.

Aside from being highly overrated and marrying the guy from Coldplay, her website has become a sort of Bizzaro utopia for crunchy acolytes who make PETA members look like a bunch of dudes hanging out in a monastery. Jezebel famously accused the website of being “rich and oblivious,” so one can imagine what kind of megalomaniacal, off-the-menu things she promotes.

It took her three years, but Gwyneth finally decided that celebrity chef and Crocs brand ambassador Mario Batali’s Food Bank Challenge, which requires participants to limit their spending to $1.48 per meal, was worth her time.

It’s a valiant way to get people to understand what eating on a poverty budget is all about…but does Gwyneth really get it?

What kind of SNAP mom is going to eat gluten-free tofu and other items guaranteed to cause violent reactions in toddlers? Apple’s mom was proud of this trek to the grocery store, which only cost her $29.

Twitter, however, was thoroughly unimpressed by this princess of pretentiousness. Here’s a sampling of takes that her army of doltish publicists won’t even think of letting her read:

So that went well, didn’t it?!