Racked Gets the Goop Scoop

Features writer Chavie Lieber pays a visit to the company's dreamy L.A. editorial HQ.

We all know what’s going on at a certain G-named media company. But based on the following description of another G-named operation’s bi-coastal L.A. office, current, former and soon-to-be former Gawker employees may want to start scenting up a parchment-paper hard copy resume:

Once the meeting comes to a close, everyone makes their way back inside Goop HQ, a barn owned by Gwyneth Paltrow, the award-winning actress-turned-wellness mogul who founded Goop as a newsletter in 2008. The barn, complete with soaring ceilings and rustic wood floors, is tucked away from the canyon’s main road, nestled among blooming hydrangea bushes. Inside, there’s a bookshelf with volumes arranged by color, as well as a whimsical spiral staircase and a small nook of an attic that holds racks of designer clothing; the whole place smells like essential oils.

This paragraph is taken from the top of a smartly laid out piece by Racked features writer Chavie Lieber, who traveled to L.A. in late June to take full measure of Paltrow’s operation. (Paltrow meanwhile gave a relaxed and informative keynote presentation last week at #BlogHer15 here in New York).

A dozen editorial Goop folks work on the West Coast, while corporate staff is located here in New York. Employees like to refer to their boss as “GP” which, again – to draw one final Gawker comparison – is no doubt a lot kinder than the short-forms currently being heaped in Nick Denton’s direction.

Another barometer of Goop’s relative media company serenity? They have resisted the urge to go post-tastic. Per Lieber’s piece, the site publishes just six stories a week to supplement their beachhead weekly newsletter. Read the rest here.

Lieber’s piece is a nice complement to Clare O’Connor’s recent Forbes look at Jessica Alba and Kim Bhasin’s Bloomberg profile of Jessica Simpson.