Gwen Ifill Wins the John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism

"Gwen Ifill's career embodies the best of our profession."

One journalist per year is chosen for the John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism, given out by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. The award, and its attendant $50,000 prize, is meant to honor a journalist “highly respected within the profession for the caliber of his or her work.”

This year, that honor goes to PBS NewsHour co-anchor/managing editor and Washington Week moderator/managing editor Gwen Ifill, selected by a panel that included CU J-School dean and New Yorker staff writer Steve Coll, dean emeritus/New Yorker staff writer Nicholas Lemann, Race Card Project founder and former NPR All Things Considered host Michele Norris, and former NBC News evp Bill Wheatley.

Coll said of their pick, “Gwen Ifill’s career embodies the best of our profession and the spirit of the John Chancellor Award: her unflinching pursuit of the truth, healthy skepticism of those in power and her commitment to fairness.”

When Ifill accepts the honor in New York on Nov. 2016, she will be the first Black journalist to do so in the 21 years the award has been given out.

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