Gwen Ifill Will Interview President Obama in Indiana Next Wednesday

Ifill's back in a big way.

Gwen Ifill, who had to take some time off recently for health-related reasons, is returning in full force.

The PBS NewsHour co-anchor and managing editor will be in Elkhart, Ind. next Wednesday, hosting an interview with President Obama, followed by a town hall featuring questions from Elkhart locals.

The NewsHour special, airing at 8 p.m. ET on PBS, will mark Ifill’s return to NewsHour, but her return to PBS will be this Friday on Washington Week, where she is also managing editor and moderator.

Elkhart holds special significance for POTUS; it was the first city he visited after taking on the role of president. “When I spoke to the people of Elkhart in February of 2009, I promised them that if we worked together, we could pull that community and this country out of the depths of recession–that we could not only recover, but put ourselves on a better, stronger course,” wrote the president in an email posted on the White House blog.

President Obama will be speaking to the residents there about Elkhart’s and the country’s economic fortunes since he took office.