gWallet Displayed 1.7 Million Minutes of Branded Video Ads In Q1 2010

gwalletWe recently covered statistics showing that video viewing on Facebook is extremely popular and video ad performance on Facebook exceeds that on the rest of the web. From ads to watching videos within the newsfeed, Facebook users are actively engaging with user-generated and branded videos. Many brands have already increased their marketing spend in Facebook, seeing it as a viable channel for growth, by working with offer companies that incentivize users to interact with branded offers in exchange for virtual currency. The social gaming monetization company gWallet recently revealed some of their own data reporting that 1.7 million minutes of video campaigns were served in Q1.

Video is the latest offering to come to social gaming monetization in addition to a plethora of payment platforms and CPA offers that are available to users. 1.7 million minutes of video ads is a gripping number – showcasing gWallet’s wide spread presence across social games. According to the press release, gWallet reported an increase of click-throughs by 200-300 percent and doubled ad-revenue, conveying that video increases consumer interest much better than surveys or text-based offers.

“Bringing video to social gaming monetization brought brands to this category in a way that hadn’t previously been seen,” said Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO and founder of gWallet. “And the improvements in engagement and click throughs that video was able to drive also exploded revenue opportunities for our publishing partners across the social gaming space.”

Neil Vidyarthi had a chance to interview Gurbaksh Chahal earlier in February regarding gWallet’s Brand Bar and the successful CEO’s views on the future of advertising. Keen on technological innovation, gWallet’s brand bar jousted the social gaming offer wall from a hidden corner to the main screen of the game, allowing increased visibility and a chance for more gamers to engage. gWallet’s steady innovation and TRUSTe-verification has allowed brands to safely enter the space and avoid the ‘scamville’ stigma that stains this aspect of the social gaming industry.

“The video offers from gWallet have brought a new level of engagement to our site — our users love earning coins by simply watching cutting-edge video ads and movie trailers,” said Will Harbin, CEO, CasualCollective. “We’ve seen double the daily revenue by leveraging gWallet’s Brand Bar and new offer formats.”