gWallet Says Tests of Social Video Offers in Facebook Apps Working Well

New social offers provider gWallet tested out branded video ads with Facebook application developers during December, and now it is claiming strong early results.

The campaign included videos from 10 brands, including Best Buy, Coke, Disney, The History Channel, K-Mart, and Nestle. The average user stayed on a given video more than 2 minutes, and gWallet says publishers reported strong performance, but did not provide any actual data.

The videos were included within the company’s offer wall, so users could watch them in exchange for earning points for virtual goods in games and other social apps. This service, called gWallet Video, typically has users watch the full video in exchange for points, although that was not a requirement for the December campaigns. The fact that users stayed watching the videos anyway “proves that we’ve opened up a brand new opportunity for monetization in social gaming,” chief executive Gurbaksh Chahal tells us.

In an example provided by the company, a video for The History Channel’s “Ax Men” television series, social network users stayed watching it far longer than they did the same video as it appeared across comScore’s Top 250 Sports Sites.

Chahal also says that “because conversion was so high, many publishers ran the video as a standalone pop-up within the app or login process.”

All this sounds promising, although we don’t have the details necessary to analyze gWallet’s claims. Many offers advertisers have told us that engagement with offers is much higher than with normal web ads, and the data provided matches with that trend. gWallet’s lineup of major advertisers also suggests that it is managing to introduce more brands to offers. Many other offer companies are trying to bring in big brands — and we hear, video — so it appears that gWallet has gotten an early jump on this part of the market.