GW Law Professor’s FCC Approach to ‘Redskins’ Name Change

banzblueGW professor John Banzhaf has a plan to further efforts for a Washington Redskins name change.

Owner Dan Snyder has vowed not to change the name, but most recently, criticism of the use of the term has come from The Washington Post editorial board, who on Friday announced that they’ve banned the word from their vocabulary, and 50 US Senators, who in May, signed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in support of a name change as many consider it disparaging to Native Americans. And in June, the U.S. Patent Office canceled 6 Redskins football team trademarks after it ruled the those in question were “disparaging to Native Americans,” which Snyder is appealing.

How exactly will Banzhaf do it? He told Broadcasting & Cable that he plans to challenge the radio station licenses of seven stations owned by Snyder’s Red Zebra Broadcasting.

“My colleagues and I are considering a variety of legal action to use federal broadcast law to attack the continued unnecessary use of the racist term ‘Redskins’ on the air, especially during prime time when impressionable children — Indian as well as non-Indian — are adversely affected,” the GW law professor told B&C MultiChannel News.

Banzhaf outlined eight approaches he could take, including filing FCC petitions to have the term considered “profane speech” or a new rule restricting it and other “derogatory, racist, and hateful” terms.

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