Guy Kawasaki On Enchantment: Achieve Likability, Trust, And Do Something ‘Dicey’

Guy Kawasaki’s got a book out about enchanting people, so it is not a surprise that he wanted to speak today about how to make people enchanted by you. (Somewhat like Edward Cullen does, we surmise.)

Point #1: people need to like you. So smile, dress nice (but not too nice), and have a good handshake.
One time Kawasaki and Sir Richard Branson were in the same room prepping for a conference. “He asked me if I flew Virgin and I said I’d never flown Virgin…and that’s when he got on his knees and started polishing my shoes,” said Kawasaki. “And that’s when I started flying Virgin.” This anecdote got a lot of laughs but the photo of Branson shining Kawasaki’s shoes looked suspiciously staged. Ah well—the point remains that if people like you they will do things for you.

Which brought Kawasaki to point #2: people need to trust you. Amazon trusts its e-book customers not to abuse its system that allows you to return any ebook within 7 days. Never mind that many people can read a book in 7 days, Amazon trusts that people aren’t doing that, he said.

Another part of trust is doing things for people and trusting you won’t be taken advantage of. “Default to yes,” Kawasaki said. “Be a baker, not an eater. An eater sees a pie and says, ‘I want to eat as much of that pie as possible.’ A baker sees a pie and wants to make more pies. If you are a baker, not an eater, you will do things for people. And if you do things for people, they will thank you. And when they thank you, the response is not ‘You’re welcome,’ but ‘You’re welcome. I know you would do the same for me.’ I’m telling her I think she has class. I’m also telling her ‘I KNOW you will do the same for me,'” said Kawasaki. “I’m putting her on notice.”

Of course, they can’t bakshish unless you enable people to pay you back, he said. “You may say, ‘Oh, it’s nothing.’ You may really enjoy helping her. But she will feel indebted to you, and that stops the relationship.” So if somebody wants to do you a favor…LET THEM.

Oh, and do something “dicey.” Actually, that’s DICEE, which stands for Depth, Intelligence, Complete, Empowering, and Elegance, which is how all products should be.

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