Guthrie Calls Cillizza a ‘Big Political Dork’


Politics always associates so easily with dorkiness.

The Delaware primary between U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Castle and Christine O’Donnell race is heating up with prognosticators not really knowing which way the wind will sway for the Tea Party backed candidate. “You never know what is going to happen, but Christine O’Donnell is clearly the weaker candidate,” declared WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza in an afternoon appearance today on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” hosted today by Savannah Guthrie. “Mike Castle is a known commodity in the state. If Christine O’Donnell wins…this would be a no question about it bad loss. It’s a very important race…not just for Delaware but nationally as well.”

Guthrie reacted to Cillizza’s obvious passion on the subject, saying, “This election..for big political dorks like you guys, it is just like Christmas.”

Cillizza agreed (sort of). “Thank you for the backhanded compliment,” he said, laughing. Guthrie replied, “I meant it from the bottom of my heart.”