Gutfeld: Nick Denton ‘Doesn’t Like People Saying No to Him Apparently’

Whether it be during his time at various magazines, in his book or on his Fox News show Red Eye, Greg Gutfeld has a habit of saying exactly what he thinks. The same is true in interviews. The complete Gutfeld “So What Do You Do?” feature is running tomorrow.

To whet the appetite, here are his thoughts on Gawker. The back story: a couple weeks ago, Gutfeld attacked Gawker and its commenters over the Tony Snowhospitalization story (an example — “If Karma existed, then that commenter would have accidentally left his real name so we could find him and beat the shit out of his stupid, fat face”). They in turn, went on the attack against Gutfeld. Although Gutfeld said, “I’ve always been a pretty big fan of them,” he thinks he found the reason for the recent bad blood:

Nick Denton has asked me repeatedly to write for them, and I’ve said no, and I think that’s what fuels his resentment towards me. He doesn’t like people saying no to him apparently. But the only thing that bugs me, is when the writing’s really good, it’s great. I think Will Leitch at Deadspin is great, I loved Jessica Coen, Choire (Sicha) is awesome. I think in the drive to create more content, they get sloppy, but so what. And they’re hypocrites. If you’re going to go after people then people are going to go after you. That’s the bottom line.

Click continued to see Gutfeld’s take on anonymous commenters…

I just find anonymous commenters to be the modern version of the bathroom wall. People write stuff on the wall because they know they’re not going to be caught, so their behavior is different. I’ve never left an anonymous comment and I never will. My name is attached to everything. So I get screamed at, I get abused for everything I do. That’s the nature of the business.

Again the full interview, with a Felix Dennis (Gutfeld’s former boss at Maxim UK) story sure to surprise (or not), runs tomorrow morning.

— Steve Krakauer

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