Gutfeld and Gergen: Sloppy seconds?

Just when David Gergen was in the middle of his mixtape for Greg Gutfeld, along comes Romenesko letters to rain on the parade. Poster Greg Connors points out that “jokes about Gergen are SO six years ago. In 1999 the Web site of McSweeney’s ran comic spoofs [here and here] mentioning Gergen that were very similar in tone to Gutfeld’s.”

Gasp! Horror! Could it be true? Could Gutfeld have actually ever read McSweeney’s? Like, in his life? We didn’t think so, but we needed to know for sure. A transcript:

Fishbowl: Hey Gergenite, over at Poynter someone notes that Gergen-love is very McSweeney‘s circa 1999. How did you come to find Gergen? Pls. explain.

Gutfeld: That guy is assuming I drew inspiration from something I never saw. I don’t even where to buy that magazine! Which really, just proves the power of Gergen!

Fishbowl: So you were impervious to the late-90’s lure of McSweeney‘s then? (not hard to imagine)

Gutfeld: Never read it. I blame it on the fact that no one has come along to replace Gergen, as a national obsession. And frankly, we all know that he’s the missing link on Huffington. That’s all I’m pointing out. Also, I’m drunk again.

There you have it. Apparently, there’s more than enough Gergen to go around. I bet he was missed in Ibiza, though.