Welcome to the Guns N’ Roses Nostalgia

Remembrances of a guitarist named Buckethead and more.

Time magazine has a batch of “Early Photos,” starting with a group shot taken at L.A.’s Canter’s Deli circa-1985 and ending with Slash on stage at Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theater a year later. Telegraph music critic Neil McCormick in his piece dubs Guns N’ Roses, the Saturday headliners at both Coachella weekends, “the last roar of a rock dinosaur.” The group is playing a couple of Mexico City dates in between the two Coachella gigs and will rev up what is looking like both a U.S. and international tour June 23 in Detroit.


Writes McCormick:

This is actually the reunion of a group who never really broke up, just spent decades dragging their own name through the mud. Over the past 30 years they have gone through 23 official members, and made so many disastrous appearances (and even more disastrous failures to appear) that one guitarist (named Buckethead because he played with a bucket on his head) quit after four fruitless years citing their “inability to complete an album or tour.”

GQ mines the wardrobe look-back angle “12 Things Axl Rose Actually Wore on Stage During the Use Your Illusion Tour.” (Potential missed opportunity: Noting which actual outfits are most likely to be duplicated by 2016 Coachella-goers.) And in a nice touch, The Daily Beast strums many close-up headshots for its photo gallery of 19 pics.

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