Gunman Leads To Evacuation Of Discovery Channel HQ, There Is At Least One Hostage

Update 3: The New York Post is now reporting that there is a “small number of hostages” in the building. An acquaintance who used to spend time with Lee at a bookstore near the Discovery Channel building told the paper that Lee had said that he felt “Discovery is supposed to be protecting the environment, but they are not, they are just making movies.”

Update 2: FOX affiliate WTTG is reporting that the person being held hostage is a male security guard supervisor.

Update: NBC’s Pete Williams has confirmed that the gunman is indeed James Lee.

An armed man entered the Discovery Channel building in Silver Spring, MD this afternoon. Some reports indicate he may be armed with explosives in addition to firearms.

So far, the building — including its on-site daycare center — has been evacuated and agents from the FBI and ATF, are on the scene. The gunman is said to have taken at least one hostage in the building’s lobby.

An as-yet-unconfirmed list of the gunman’s demands can be found on, wherein, which includes the demand that Discovery and its affiliate channels must “stop encouraging the birth of any more parasitic human infants and the false heroics behind those actions” and that “civilization must be exposed for the filth it is. That, and all its disgusting religious-cultural roots and greed. Broadcast this message until the pollution in the planet is reversed and the human population goes down!”

The man is thought to be James Lee, the man behind “Save The Planet Protest” who was the target of posts by DCist in January of 2008, who called the site “rather hilarious.” DCist also reported, a couple years ago, that Lee had tried to organize a protest outside the Discovery building.

We’ll continue updating as more news is made available / confirmed.