Gumroad Provides Quick Way to Sell Something Online

Looking for an alternative to online marketplaces like Amazon? Gumroad provides a quick and easy way to sell things to your Facebook and Twitter friends. The video embedded above explains everything–what do you think?

Prices can range between $1 and $1,000, and prices can be set in pounds, euro or yen. The company accepts payment from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club cards, along with some debit cards. The service works in more than 190 countries.

Here’s more about the company’s cut of every sale: “It is just 5% + 25¢ of each transaction. For example: If you sell a digital video for $10, the fee is $0.75 and $9.25 is deposited into your account. There are no setup fees, monthly fees, bandwidth fees, or withdrawal fees … A deposit to your linked account at the end of every month.”