Guinness Book, Take Note: UNStudio Builds World’s Largest Table


We’ve talked about UNstudio in the past and how much we like them. They just gave us another excuse in this post over at dezeen, about their “The World’s Largest Table for All Cultures,” which was being exhibited last week at the IMM Cologne furniture fair. It’s just a really, really, really long table, with a lot of really incredible detail and in pieces, so it can be moved around a bit and assembled more easily. Because this writer is shopping for a new house right now, it’s going to be added to the list that we’ll need a dining room large enough to fit this thing in, because if they decide to start selling them, we want it. Here’s some of the many details on the table from dezeen:

These aspects are translated and incorporated integrally into the world’s longest kitchen table, which offers a place for different types of activities from intimate and secluded to formal meetings for bigger groups.

The table has a length of 55m and a width of 2.6m. It is designed on a modular basis, offering the possibility to use the table in different configurations, and making it shorter or longer. The modular system serves as a generic framework for adding new elements, altogether generating ‘THE WORLD’S LONGEST TABLE FOR ALL CULTURES’.