‘Guido’ Academic Unhappy with ‘Jersey Shore’ Attention

Queensboro Community College sociologist Donald Tricarico became a hot commodity since the country became fixated on the tan and musclebound cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” He’s been studying the rarefied subculture for decades, publishing his paper “Guido: Fashioning an Italian-American Youth Style” in 1991.

He played ball initially, buffering the complaints of Italian-American organizations in a number of outlets, including TIME last month, “Guido is a slur, but Italian kids have embraced it just as black kids have embraced the N word. In the same way that radical gays call themselves queer.”

Tricarico also went on record with the Daily Beast in attempt to explain Snooki and fellow guidettes: “They’re empowered sexually, that’s what I’m seeing on Jersey Shore…The women seem to be making their own decisions about who they sleep with and when.” Modern Italian-American girls no longer bring a cousin with them on dates for protection, according to the Prof.

Today, Tricarico showed media fatigue with Metro.us. “I have not been satisfied with the media interviews and the controversy surrounding my work,” he wrote in an email to the free newspaper.

Neither Tricarico or nor the head Queensboro’s John D. Calandra Italian American Institute have responded to PRNewser’s email questions. It’s likely because they have their hands full today hosting a colloquium with self-professed guido and deli owner from Lodi, Johnny DeCarlo.