Guiding Sophia’s Light

In rather distressing news, Sophia Nelson, a motivational author and writer for publications such as Essence,, HuffPost, and Daily Beast, was involved in a serious bike accident. The incident happened Wednesday morning. In this feature, we usually write about the amusing comings and goings of Sophia, but today, we ask you to put her in your thoughts as she recovers from significant injuries.

Some 19 hours ago, a message from her always active Twitter account read as follows:

And then in a group text last night, Sophia’s mother, Sandy Nelson, filled friends and associates in on how she was doing. “She is home resting in bed. She is pretty banged up. Some bruised ribs, spleen, but no internal bleeding, which is what we feared. It’s too early to see what is going on in her left pelvic region, where she is in lots of pain. … I will keep you posted. It’s safe to say no more bike rides for Sophia.”

Sandy said Sophia fell into a drain while biking. “Pray for her!” she wrote. “Thank you for calling, caring and loving Sophia. Two good Samaritans helped her and got the ambulance. She was on the side of the road in a drain. Thank God for good people.”

While some may think Sophia might prefer her privacy here, it’s safe to say she wouldn’t mind us sharing her mother’s words. As she put it to us by text a few nights ago, “You know I put my business all on blast.”

Well, most of it, anyway.

Sophia – please get well soon.