Guggenheim Partners Set to Acquire Dick Clark Productions

Even though The Hollywood Reporter has a very direct connection to private equity behemoth Guggenheim Partners, reporter Alex Ben Block writes that he was unable to get reps to comment on his report that the firm is successfully pulling a Dodgers strategy with Dick Clark Productions.

Block’s sources say that thanks to Guggenheim’s willingness to go ten percent higher than other bidders, the company will soon be adding to the west coast Dodgers portfolio a production company synonymous with the annual Golden Globes and American Music Awards telecasts:

The deal is expected to close in the next week or two, according to sources familiar with the negotiations. After entertaining several offers, DCP owner Red Zone Capital is now negotiating exclusively with Guggenheim.

Block ballparks the final DCP purchase price at around $385 million. Add in this past weekend’s Boston Red Sox deal and it amounts to a mind-boggling week of deal-making week for Guggenheim.

Update – 09/04/12: The deal is done.