Guggenheim and YouTube Select All-Star Jury for ‘Play’ Exhibition

In mid-June, we told you about the launch of the Guggenheim‘s collaboration with YouTube, a project and future exhibition called “Play,” wherein the museum will be running a short-run show (Oct. 22-24) of the most artistic pieces of online video they’d received during the call for entries (which ends July 31st). The museum and YouTube have now released their jury list and they’ve managed to round up some impressive names who will pick through the entries to form two shortlists, the first featuring 200 videos, the second with just 20 finalists. The latter collection is set for release online sometime in early September. Here’s the full list:

The jury includes performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson; music group Animal Collective, featuring Deakin (Josh Dibb), Geologist (Brian Weitz), and Panda Bear (Noah Lennox); filmmaker Darren Aronofsky; visual artists Douglas Gordon, Ryan McGinley, Marilyn Minter, and Takashi Murakami; artists and filmmakers Shirin Neshat and Apichatpong Weerasethakul; and graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, with Guggenheim Chief Curator and Deputy Director Nancy Spector serving as jury chairperson.