This is not design related, per se, but I figure all you design junkies get out the museums once in a while, and I simply cannot resist discussing this newest development at the Guggenheim.
Trustee Peter Lewis, who has been the museum’s biggest benefactor, resigned after a 3 hour board meeting on Wednesday. (Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.) Apparently (and publicly) there is no love lost between Lewis and renegade director Thomas Krens, who has brough blockbuster exhibitions to the museum and has fueled its bid for worldwide museum domination.

The NY Times article is delightfully snarky. (Registration required.)
A choice bit from said article:

Since joining the board, Mr. Lewis, chairman of the Progressive Corporation, an automobile insurance company in Cleveland, has bailed out the Guggenheim financially time and again, and has not hid his displeasure with Mr. Krens’s free spending. In 2002 he gave the Guggenheim $12 million. He also gave Mr. Krens an ultimatum: either pare the museum’s budget way down and reduce spending, or start looking for another job.

Lewis has donated a total of $77 Million to the museum during his tenure there. That’s a lot of coin to give up on in favor of things like Motocycle Shows and museums in Vegas.