Guest Post: Tips to Gently Get Your Message Across on Facebook

Many times, visitors to a brand’s Facebook page are hit over the head with logos, catchphrases, the latest campaign, or a big launch. But sometimes, a more nuanced approach is the better way to go.

In today’s guest post, Pancake Laboratories president Jim Belosic discusses some of the ways companies and brands can use their Facebook pages not just to get people’s attention about a product or service, but to generate loyalty.

Pancake Laboratories is the company behind ShortStack an app that helps users build Facebook tabs for contests, comments, and other features.

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Facebook and the Soft Sell:  How to grow your Facebook following and create brand advocates by not talking about yourself by Jim Belosic, co-founder and president of Pancake Laboratories

With nearly every brand fighting for eyeball-time from Facebook users, it’s easy for your business’s message to get lost in the crowd.  Luckily, many of these companies are spending so much time talking about themselves that their updates have become all but meaningless. Strangely, you can get your company noticed in this sea of noise by doing the one thing that seems counter-intuitive: not talking about yourself.

Provide Facebook-only content. Give fans a reason to visit your page, and reward them for “Liking” by offering them exclusive content.  Coupons and discounts are a good start, but if you’re in an industry where whitepapers are valuable, share those too.

Implement the “Share” button. Integrate Facebook functionality throughout your tab, and let fans do the work for you. Even on Facebook, the phrase “content is king” rings true. If it’s a valuable piece of information, link, video, or photo, it has a better likelihood of being shared.

Become a resource. Show users you know what’s going on in your company, your industry, and beyond.

1) Voluntarily share your expertise. Your fans will appreciate your knowledge and you’ll have the opportunity to become their go-to expert.

2) Make your wall an open forum for questions dealing with your company and industry. If users see they can come to you and receive honest answers, they will trust you in future decisions.

3) Your social media communication should speak to fans like a real person would. Relating to your customers makes your business seem more approachable and helps users feel comfortable.

In short, just being yourself can go a long way on Facebook. You don’t need to spend a ton of time trying to push a company message that will be ignored.  Be honest and kind to your visitors and fans, while focusing on your role of “industry expert,” and you’ll find that perception of your brand has improved even without trying to sell anything.

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