Guest Post: One of Facebook’s Most Underestimated Advertising Tools

This is a guest post by Mario Zelaya, Managing Director at Majestic Media, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer & digital marketing agency, specializing in custom apps and promotions for web and mobile.

Facebook has been vigilant in its effort to improve adverting options on the Facebook Platform. They’ve been very smart and creative about the options now available to marketers. Sadly, few marketers know or see the full power of the features available to them.

Our duty as a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer is to share our knowledge and expertise, namely about one of the most underestimated and powerful marketing tools available on the Facebook Platform: Partner Categories.

Partner Categories builds on top of Custom Audiences, launched back in the fall of 2012. The new product allows advertisers to target their ads to 500 unique segments, provided by Datalogix, Acxiom and Epsilon. Each segment is based on actions these users have taken or are likely to take.

For those who don’t know the back story: Facebook accomplishes this through a partnership that allowed them to match online data with offline actions taken at physical store locations. Partner Categories then collects user data from activity across the web and makes it available to advertisers on Facebook. Advertisers are now able to utilize this information, including user’s location, online purchases, and browsing histories, to better target their advertising.

A few of the new segments that were created as a result of this partnership include, “Children’s Food & Product Buyers” and those “In the Market for a Crossover Vehicle.” Each category provides the advertiser with a brief description of the subset as a whole, including how many individuals are in that group and where the data was collected. While it doesn’t reveal specific information about each user, it still provides marketers with the ability to target that audience group, allowing advertisers to serve up ads that are more relevant, creating ROI for the advertiser and a better experience for the user.

With Partner Categories, advertisers can select a category of users and further segment a specific subset of that group. For example, if advertisers decide to target their ads towards “cereal buyers,” they can dive deeper into that segment to select “Children’s Cereal Buyers,” “Fiber Cereal Buyers,” or a number of other groups. They can also layer on demographic, location or interest-based targeting.

One of the best examples for the use of Partner Categories is by car dealerships. Car dealerships can target their Facebook ads toward those who live nearby and are in the market for either a “Crossover Vehicle,” “Full-Size Sedan” or “Entry/Economy/ Compact.”

What’s important here is not only the use cases, but also the fact that this is something that’s available to the open public through the Facebook Power Editor. This means that you don’t have to work with a large budget, utilize a company like ours, or use a third-party ads platform to manage your ad spend. It’s a feature that’s openly available to all marketers.

Our hope is that this article has helped you see and understand the power and features available to you on the Facebook Platform, and more importantly, that it helps you achieve a better ROI for your ad spend.

Mario Zelaya is the founder and managing director of Majestic Media, Canada’s first Facebook Marketing & Technology agency. His extensive experience on the Facebook Platform includes building out social strategy, campaign ideation, app architecture, and social design for brand clients such Volkswagen, Kia, General Motors, Mazda, Gatorade, Hot Wheels, Infiniti, Nissan, Visa and many others. Majestic Media has executed over 200 large-scale campaigns and works with big brands and agencies in helping them to get results and ROI through campaigns that are social by design. Follow Majestic Media and Mario on Twitter @majesticmedia @zelaya.