Let’s Guess Which Magazine Will Hire Jill Abramson

In an interview during the Code/Media conference, Jill Abramson — everyone’s former New York Times executive editor — once again discussed her ouster. Since we’ve all heard about that oh, about 434,932 times by now, let’s focus on something much more interesting — Abramson’s future.

Abramson told Recode that she was itching to get back to being a reporter and had magazines on her mind. “I would like to be working at the highest quality kind of magazine,” she said. So which magazine might that be? It would have to be a newsy glossy, and it would have to be one Abramson wouldn’t see as a step down in her career. Here are some that would make sense:

  • The New Yorker — The brand power would lure her
  • Time — The glossy could use the buzz
  • Businessweek —Perhaps a stretch, but Bloomberg has the deep pockets to pay her
  • The New York Times Magazine — Kidding!

Wherever Abramson lands, she’s clearly excited about her next adventure. She even pulled a Jimmy, and talked about herself in the third person:

I think I’ve at least for a while had it with running something big. But without sounding immodest, I’m a hell of a reporter and journalist, and I’m going to go back to doing the kind of Jill Abramson work of investigating and telling important stories.

She is right about that. Jill Abramson does good Jill Arbamson work.