Guess Who’s In The Post Newsroom?!?


Posties: Send pics!

>UPDATE: Angelina’s not there.

>UPDATE: He’s consulting with Post editor R.B. Brenner in preparation for his upcoming movie, “Burn After Reading,” a Coen brothers movie that also stars George Clooney.

>UPDATE: Pitt’s wearing a hat! Newsroom is “buzzing.”

>UPDATE: Says one Postie: “somehow general petraeus didn’t cause as much head-snapping when he came to visit last week …”

>UPDATE: An anonymous tip says “phil bennett gave him a tour of the newsroom. lots of giggles”

>UPDATE: Says a Postie: “since word got out, female producers from network news shops are clamoring to stop by and just pay a “visit” to the newsroom to see friends they’ve never visited before in the newsroom.”