Gucci and Oakley Plan to Release Upscale 3D Glasses

While this writer has yet to see a 3D film in the theaters yet to learn what all the fuss is about, that certainly hasn’t stopped him from endlessly bothering his few remaining friends by talking to about if its all just one big, soon-to-fall-apart fad or if 3D is here to stay (he’ll also tell you how much he’s disliked 3D television demos too, if you haven’t excused yourself by that point). Regardless of these opinions, it appears as though at least two companies outside the film industry feel confident enough in the new/updated filmmaking format, as both Oakley and Gucci have announced that they will be releasing their own models of 3D glasses for the more fashionable and discriminating movie-goer. Both to be released in December (Oakley’s will tie into the Tron sequel), they look better than the stock form one usually sees at the theater, particularly Gucci’s which almost look like just a pair of normal sunglasses. Unless suddenly every form of screen entertainment suddenly requires 3D glasses, we haven’t a clue how there’s a market for this outside of a very, very small subset of people who want to make sure they look like the pinnacle of fashion even when it’s dark and the nature of the wearing demands that everyone’s attention isn’t even remotely concerned with whatever isn’t on the screen, someone at both companies must have some concept of what they’re doing here. Either that or the “oh no, it’s near the holidays and we forgot to come up with an idea” has struck twice.