From a Brooklyn Nightclub to the Cover of a U.K. Magazine

A picture-perfect end to James Greig's courtship of Katie Moore.

Love means… never having to bury your relationship on the inside pages.


In the U.K., the Valentine’s Day denouement everyone is talking about involves a couple that connected in New York and eventually settled together in London at the end of 2014. Their relationship this weekend has moved to the next level, thanks to the cover of a Sunday newspaper insert magazine. From The Observer Magazine commissioning editor Eva Wiseman’s article:

Katie Moore said “yes” to James Greig following one of the most public marriage proposals imaginable. James, from London, used the cover of The Observer Magazine to make his bid for Katie’s hand on Valentine’s Day.

“Luckily, I am quite laid-back,” she said afterwards. The couple were spending the weekend at a hotel in the Cotswolds when staff, aware of what was happening, delivered the paper with breakfast and champagne just before 9 a.m.

At first Katie thought James had organized for a single copy of the magazine to be printed, before the truth emerged. James said he had not slept all night, and as a result struggled to remember how the morning unfolded, only that “it was a lot of fun”.

Having informed all their friends through the newspaper, they were “going back to airplane mode” on the phone and going for a walk. Katie said: “It’s been wonderful.”

In the article, the pair’s first date is also recalled. It ended around 4 a.m. in a Brooklyn nightclub with James professing his love for Katie. Wiseman also shares a half-dozen engagement gifts commissioned for the couple by the magazine. Congratulations!
[Image via: @ThatsNotMyAge]

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