There is Now a #GuardianGreenRoom in Williamsburg

The newspaper’s interactive digital lounge, which aims to “bring independent journalism to life,” can be found at the first U.S. location of revered East End/West End London independent record store Rough Trade. This unusual combo, part of a massive warehouse set-up, officially opened Monday at 64 North 9th Street (corner of Wythe Avenue; Bedford L subway stop).


So… all you hipsters and not-so-flannel-y relatives gathered in the vicinity this weekend. If you feel like taking a gander on Black Friday or clear Saturday-Sunday, here’s what you’ll encounter:

#GuardianGreenRoom, located on the second floor mezzanine, serves as an in-store content creation hub. Visitors can explore The Guardian’s music and cultural coverage, interface and engage with The Guardian’s wide assortment of interactive content, browse store events and daily happenings, compare music tastes and cultural trends across the Atlantic, share insights, ideas and opinions or simply enjoy the store’s many diverse offerings.

GuardianGreenRoom_StairsThis seems like a great example of a newspaper cleverly branching out into new product avenues. Let’s hope that The Guardian gang has embedded at these in-store terminals some Rough Trade, revenue-share click pathways. The Williamsburg location also houses a 250-person capacity performance space (first show: December 2/Jagwar Ma) and a 400-square-foot exhibition space.

“We’re thrilled to partner with one of the most iconic music brands in the heart of New York City’s creative community,” said Caspar Llewellyn Smith, head of culture for The Guardian. Added Rough Trade co-owner Stephen Godfroy: “#GuardianGreenRoom is a wonderfully dynamic element of Rough Trade NYC, particularly with its emphasis on digital interaction and complementary transatlantic sensibilities.”

[Photos by: Gennady Kolker]