Facebook Has a Topic-Importance Level Called ‘Nuclear’

Not spelled with a "K," and never suitable for the Kardashians.

FacebookTrending_5_12_2pmThe hits just keep on coming with regards to this week’s scrutiny of the process by which Facebook compiles and updates its TRENDING topics.

Today, The Guardian has shared a leaked 21-page internal document used to train Facebook news curators. We urge you to take the time to fully read “Trending Review Guidelines.” In the meantime, here’s a taste from page 10. The trending news team folks can ascribe to their topic a level of Normal, National Story, Major Story and:

Nuclear: Reserved for the truly “Holy S**t” stories that happen maybe 1-3 times a year. Leading all 10 websites AND require editor approval before marking as nuclear. Extreme examples are 9/11; major country’s president is shot; Russia declares war with Ukraine; etc. A team lead must approve before a topic is marked Nuclear.

Solid work here for The Guardian by Sam Thielman, a tech and business correspondent based in New York. And, if we do say so ourselves, former Adweek staffer.

The 10 websites referenced in the excerpt above are: BBC News; CNN; Fox News; The Guardian; NBC News; The New York Times; USA Today; the Wall Street Journal; Washington Post; and Yahoo.