Guaranteed Laughs: Steve Martin Tweets From The Jury Box

Funny man Steve Martin is channeling his classic comedic self via Twitter these days. He’s tweeting from court, as he sits in the jury box. And with tweets like “defendant looks like a murderer. GUILTY. Waiting for opening remarks,” we can guarantee you’ll find yourself chuckling out loud.

“”I like to cup my hands and say, you tell’em Judge Judy,” then duck behind the other jurors. HUGE laughs.”

That might not be the most appropriate behavior for a jurist, but hey, it’s Steve Martin! He has a little wiggle room when it comes to acting “appropriately”, especially in the name of comedy.

Martin has been tweeting for several days now about his experiences on jury duty from his Verified account. And he’s not exactly your conventional jurist.

According to his Twitter, he’s cracking jokes to the defense team (with a frown from the judge), calling the other jurors stupid for wanting him to put away his magazine, and tampering with evidence (but only for a laugh).

And before anyone becomes offended at Martin’s behavior, he’s not really tweeting from the courtroom. According to Reuters, it’s just a bit that he’s doing while he waits to hear whether he has actually been selected for the jury he’s being considered for.

Here are some snippets of the hilarity coming from Martin’s Twitter account right now: