Grunge Designer Art Chantry Teams With Oakley, Soundgarden Finally Buys Sunglasses


An interesting story by way of reader Nicholas Rezabek: Art Chantry, one of the godfathers of design within the grunge scene in the Northwestern US, has been picked up to, of all things, design a pair of sunglasses for Oakley. While we’re not nuts about the glasses (we’ll stick with the $5 pair we bought at that gas station two years ago, thank you), the post itself has lots of great info about Chantry and his legacy. Here’s a little about his career:

During his time working in Seattle, Art somehow managed to carve out a style that took hold of the popular underground music scene in the early 1990’s. Dubbed “grunge” by culture mavens, it actually was a look developed at an alternative newsweekly named The Rocket, where Art began as their Art Director in 1984 and continued to be involved off and on for over ten years. During that time, the magazine became a virtual hub for Seattle’s music and culture scene. Soon, his ideas extended beyond The Rocket to the fledgling record label Sub Pop where they are now etched in history. Art’s ideas found further nuance in his work for the garage rock record label, Estrus Records, where his style found a perfect symmetry with the their musicians.