Growth Spurt at The Huffington Post

Amanda Ernst of sister blog FishbowlNY spoke with The Huffington Post president Greg Coleman about the site’s impressive growth—9.8 million unique visitors in December versus 3.8 million in December 2008, according to comScore—and the contributions of new verticals including HuffPost Sports.

Coleman told Ernst:

When I joined, I didn’t know that our numbers were going to shoot up like a rocket. When I started, our unique visitors were at about 6.8 million, and now 9.8 million is starting to get right up there, solidly ahead of The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal and getting close to The New York Times.

This is my belief: We’re at a tipping point, and I think we’ve hit a nerve. It’s all part of the viral nature of what we do here, with word of mouth and being able to get some of the most important stories high on the Google ranking. It’s a mix between our Facebook Connect application, search-engine optimization and picking the right stories with the right blend of hard news and entertainment.

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