Grow explosive peppers in King’s Pepper Panic Saga on Facebook

Image via King

King has released its newest Saga installment on Facebook, Pepper Panic Saga, which challenges players to help a dog collect peppers over more than 70 levels by swapping the location of peppers on the screen to make existing peppers grow and explode.

Rather than making matches with peppers to make them disappear, Pepper Panic Saga asks players to make matches of three or more like-colored peppers to fuse them into one larger pepper. Peppers can grow multiple times until they eventually explode, with each level having its own requirements for number of explosions required (among other requirements), and number of moves a player has to get the job done.

Image via King

If players cause large chain reactions of matches and explosions, they’ll eventually unlock Pepper Panic mode, triggering even larger point boosts as large amounts of peppers are cleared from the board automatically.

Levels become more difficult over time, but power-ups help even the playing field. A Flame Grower, for instance, is used to grow a pepper by three stages instantly, while a Pepper Net can protect large peppers from the game’s villain, a cat that wishes to steal peppers for himself.

Each level in Pepper Panic Saga comes with its own leaderboard for comparing scores against friends. The game is free to play on Facebook, but is monetized via the addition of a lives system, with lives being spent each time a player fails to complete a level’s goals. Players can also spend money on the game’s power-ups.

Pepper Panic Saga has over 590,000 monthly active players, according to AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.