Groupon’s New App Delves Into Cash-Back Grocery Deals

Couponing in the digital age

Groupon, the website known for offering deals on everything from laser hair removal to designer sunglasses, is moving into the supermarket arena. The daily discount site now offers grocery deals with a new app called Snap by Groupon for iPhone and Android users.

The New York Times reports the service stems from Groupon's purchase of Canadian startup SnapSaves earlier this year.

Rather than snipping coupons, customers snap a photo of their receipts and receive cash back on any items listed in the app, which include everything from "basic staples such as bread and milk to personal care and household products such as diapers and cleaning supplies." The offers build up until users reach $20, at which point Groupon cuts them a check.

Consumers will also be able to build grocery lists in the app before heading to the store.

"We're using the power of smartphones to make couponing easier and more convenient while paying people to shop," said Sean Smyth, vp and general manager, Snap by Groupon, in a press release

The Times points out that this is the struggling company's latest attempt to move beyond the daily deals for which it's chiefly known. Other recent offerings include vacation travel packages and coupons with partnering retailers such as JCPenney. The company has struggled to live up to its initial potential since its underwhelming 2011 IPO. Groupon shares have been stagnant, with the stock resting at $10 or less since February.