Groupon Proves a Company Can Respond to Every Single Comment on A Facebook Post

Here's one way to deal with a controversial product.

When Groupon posted the below picture of a product called a Banana Bunker on its Facebook page last Thursday, it could hardly have been surprised at the flood of comments (read: sex jokes) that followed.


And while the pages and pages of clever innuendo-laced comments didn’t surprise us either, we were thoroughly impressed and amused by the way Groupon handled them — by responding with humor and tact…to every. Single. One.

Groupon - Timeline Photos

As soon as Groupon’s followers began catching on to the guaranteed attention, they started testing their luck, but sure enough, Groupon delivered:

Groupon - Timeline Photos-1

But that was all the same day — the company couldn’t possibly keep this going, right?


Groupon’s social media peeps were hard at work all weekend, and it hasn’t stopped yet — the most recent comment was posted just moments ago, and it just so happens to sing the company’s praises for turning what could have been a “nightmare” into a meme. To which, the company has, of course, already replied:

Groupon - Timeline Photos-2Kudos indeed, Groupon — you’ve just made it virtually impossible for any company to claim it just can’t reply to all its customers’ comments and requests on social media; consider the bar on all future crisis comms officially raised.

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