Today’s Groupon Offer Includes a Very Awkward Analogy

The August 31 LA Groupon deal dangles a $940 discount for a trio of “Venus Freeze skin tightening treatments.” Each procedure requires between 25 and 40 minutes at the Beverly Hills offices of Advance Lipo.

And just in case an 84% reduction in price is not enough to entice email deal subscribers, the folks at Groupon have stirred the cosmetic pot with a bizarre analogy. They compare the potential discounted end results not to a Kardashian or an Arabian stallion, but rather a non-descript automobile:

Much like an automobile, the human body requires proper care to stay healthy and good-looking for calendar photos. Maintain your natural mode of transportation with today’s offer… Firmer body bark emerges… Touting minimal side effects such as redness, heat, and temporary flame tattoos around treated areas, patients are free to return to their regularly scheduled lives soon after the treatment.

Can a car really be healthy and good-looking? Especially when the resulting “flame tattoos” are temporary rather than permanent? At the very least, the Groupon copy gang should have spit-shined today’s offer around the term “body work” and the metaphoric mention of a Ferrari, Maserati, or Bugatti.

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