Groupon Is Adding 100 Snapchat Followers a Day

Kickstarts social messaging efforts with giveaways

Since beginning a Snapchat account one week ago, Groupon has gained 700 followers with daily challenges that give out prizes for interacting with the brand.

Groupon started using Snapchat (under the account) last week to promote an offer with rapper Wiz Khalifa. First, the daily deal company prompted users to follow Groupon on Snapchat. Then, the company sent out a Snap—the social app’s lingo for a message—to its users to announce the deal, and the first person to see the Snap could buy the deal for $4.20. The package included tickets and a meet and greet with Wiz Khalifa at his Aug. 19 concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO.

The deal sold out less than two minutes after the Snap was sent. And 15 minutes after the deal went live, 700 people clicked through to the deal’s page after it was sold. The Wiz Khalifa campaign also raked in more than 250 screenshots of the deal, resulting in 1,000 message exchanges between the brand and Snapchat users.

The daily deal company is continuing to use Snapchat this week with offers and giveaways. Groupon is also promoting its Snapchat efforts on its other social networks.

For example, Groupon gave away a free Cuisinart grill yesterday with a Snap that riffed off of Ryan Gosling’s Hey, Girl tumblr. Groupon’s followers were instructed to submit a picture of their best "Hey Grill" pick-up line for a chance to win the grill. A similar campaign yesterday gave away Axess Bluetooth products.

Groupon has even set up a microsite that walks users through how Snapchat works. The daily deal site joins a growing number of brands on the platform, including AT&T, Wendy’s and Sour Patch Kids.

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