GrooveMaker Techno for iPhone – Dance Mix Creation App – Not Quite Sure What to Make of It

GrooveMaker Techno 1.0.1 (iTunes App Store)

…is a $9.99 iPhone app that is part of a family of music mixing apps from IK Multimedia (House, Hip-Hop, and Trance). The firm also has a $4.99 GrooveMaker Club music app as well as GroveMaker FREE. I asked for a free evaluation copy of GrooveMaker Techno specifically because the public relations reach-out to me compared it to Smule’s “I Am T-Pain” app. I was wowwed by “I Am T-Pain”, so I jumped at the chance to take a look at GrooveMaker.

Unfortunately, it is nothing like “I Am T-Pain”. It is closer to Sound Trend’s Looptastic Producer which I tried about a year ago. However, I felt like I had a lot more control over creating sounds with Looptastic than I did with GrooveMaker.

As I say in my mini-video commentary embedded above, I may not be the right target audience for this app.